Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Nothing to fear but fear itself"......yea right

For a younger child fear can take many many forms, as we all know. From boogie-men to "the dark" children let their imaginations get the best of them when the lights go out. As for myself, my sub-concious decided that at night my closet would unleash its true potential. Much like the pixar movie "Monsters INC.", every night when the lights went out and the only illumination in my 10 year old room was the carlights outside the "thing", as I called it, appeared in the corner of the closet. I realize how cliche that sounds but it's true and, much like the "beastie" of "Lord of the Flies" it scared the crap out of me to the point of insainity. Even when I would wake up in the morning I would be too scared to find out what the monster was. What's worse is that when I did wake up I needed my change of clothes and where did they happen to reside but the closet. So as any middle american frightened child would do I ran to the closet grabbed my clothes and headed for the door. This went on and on for quite a long time as you might have guessed until one day I decided to go after the Thing instead of the other way around. Like most childhood fears it turned out to be something completely average, in my case a small reflective old lunchbox with power rangers on it. Funny right? Well i'm sure it happened to all of us. No offense to FDR but i'm afraid that to the imagination of a 10 year old fear itself just doesn't cut it.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Finalous Blogiferous

So this semester turned out quite interesting. I do enjoy the use of technology and so it was a lot of fun to use all these new internet programs. Besides the blocks by big brother..... it was quite easy to move around and create these blogs. Wikipages, i would have to say, quickly became my favorite because of how much easier it is than force typing out HTML coding, as I did last year in a computer class. All in all, Bravo Mr. Ayer it was an great semester where I had few tech problems and I would agree with this kind of agenda for next semester.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Daggers in men's smiles

Once upon a time..... well, I was around seven years old and I still lived in Minnesota in a small suburb of the twin cities. One day my sister and I had decided to bike down to a local gas station to buy candies and pop and things of that nature. We enojied ourselves while inside the store and if i remember correctly we bought a lot of laughy taffy. Well anyway, we finished buying things and exited the store into the parking lot of this normal sized gas station. Suddenly, a larger, rounder man comes up to us and tell us of how he had left his keys in his car and locked the door on himself. Smiling and being very polite as he says this he continued to ask me, being small in physic, to climb in thorough his open window and get sed keys for him. My sister at the age of eleven notice a handle comming out of his back pocket. This handle was very black and would not be misplaced on a gun or a knife. Sensing this creepy man's possible intent for me we told him no and got on our bikes and took off. The man proceeded to follow us in his truck- apparenty he found his keys....- until a cop car drove by and he sped away. When we returned home we told our parents the story and then after they called them, the police. Needless to say the whole experience stuck with me for a long while. It made me scared to go that particular gas station, heck it even made me afraid to leave my house for a little while. As for my parents, well until I turned fifteen I don't think that my mother ever liked my traveling alone, even through town. Almost the same thing happened over here just the other week with the "green truck" we've all heard of, but I know what that is like and it happens to be very creepy and akward at the same time. Being approached by a lier like that is something we do eventually get over but the lesson remains with us all the same. Granted these people will do so less and less as we become older, wiser, and stronger looking but it still happens. As for me though, I hardly think about that incident partially because I was only seven and because I seem to be over it. We never did learn what happened to that man but we didn't really care after we had moved over here to wisconsin and now he means nothing but a life lesson.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Post numero uno

cool this is my blog, it's not very good I know but I feel its good enough